Legacy Booth
The legacy booth is a beautiful addition to all events and produces high quality photos that can be used as favors, marketing material, and memories that last a lifetime.

Perfect for: Weddings, Social Events, Corporate Events
Infinite Booth
The Infinite houses a DSLR camera, Slow-Motion camera, and Web Cam in one stunning tower. Features of the Infinite include beautiful photos, Animated GIFs, Boomerang videos, Slow-Motion video, face morphing, green screen, and more! The colorful LED lights can be modified to match all events, the sleek shell can be branded with company logos, or to match themed events, and the rear tablet allows for easy social sharing of the photos and videos. The Infinite is the perfect booth to wow your guests and take your event to the next level!

Perfect for: Corporate Activatons, Social Events, Weddings
Digital Series
This small booth packs an enormous punch, boasting the ability to offer amazing photos, GIFs, Boomerang videos, Digital Props and more. Guests instantly share their images via text or email and can upload the digital output directly to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The Digital booth is fun and very intuitive, therefore eliminating the need for a photo booth attendant and making it eligible for our modern flat rate pricing model!

Perfect for: Conferences, Corporate Activations, Grand Openings, Multi-Day Rentals, Long Term Leases