You NEED a Photo Booth at your wedding!

Photo Booths have become a given at parties, baby showers, corporate events, even bars and malls! It’s no surprise that photo booths are everywhere because they are SO MUCH FUN! Lets talk about why you NEED a photo booth at your wedding!

1. Entertainment– Sure all your friends and family gathered to see you tie the knot. They can’t wait to see the dress, the decor, the cake cutting, and more. After all the main events die down you need something to keep the party going! We know, you have a DJ but guess what? Everyone does not dance. Photo booths are a great way to entertain all your guests from the flower girl to your great grandmother! There is nothing worse than investing a small fortune in your wedding to have your guests leave right after dinner because they are bored.

2. Do everyone a favor! Skip the breath mints and the M&M’s and give your guests a favor they can appreciate, a picture! With customized graphics you can thank your guests and give them a gift they are sure to keep forever, a picture with the happy couple, friends and family, or a funny picture by themselves! Lets face it, we have all thrown away cheesy favors but we NEVER throw away pictures!


Thanking your guest right on the photo makes the perfect wedding favor!

3. Memories-An abundance of effort and money go into planning your dream wedding. Most of us spend months planning and saving and then it’s over in a matter of hours! Photo booths are a great way to enjoy your event forever! Your photographer is going to capture amazing photos of you, the bridal party, your family, and some special moments however they won’t be able to take a picture of EVERY guest. Let the photo booth handle that! Scrap books and USB drives are a great way to preserve the pictures of your guests forever!


All our packages include a custom USB drive so you can have all your pictures in one place and enjoy your event forever!

4. Relaxation-Planning the perfect wedding can be stressful. Even the wedding day can be filled with anxiety. Photo booths are the perfect way to let your hair down and have fun! No more time lines, budgets, dieting, seating arrangements, or anything else that is a source of stress. It is just you, the ones you love, the camera, and FUN!

5. Share the love-As much as we wish we could, we can’t invite everyone to our wedding. The ability for social sharing lets you instantly share the fun from your big day with family who couldn’t make it and all the friends and associates that didn’t make the list. Social sharing allows guests to text, email, and upload photos to Facebook and Twitter instantly!


Guests can instantly share their favorite photos right from the booth!

Even with all the above reasons to include a photo booth at your wedding, the main reason is, it’s just flat out FUN! Book today to ensure your date is available!